How to Release Stomach Gas?


One of the best ways to release stomach gas is to drink a carbonated drink which will get you to burp. You can also use 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda mixed in a glass of warm water and drink. That will help break up the gas bubbles which may also get you to belch.
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Stomach gas can be caused by swallowing air, and breakdown of undigested food. The average person passes gas at least 14 times a day. We all know some do more that that! Look here
Drink large amounts of carbonated water and chamomile. Carbonated water alleviates gas tension in the stomach through the belching process, while chamomile aids in the digestion process
Hydrogen is displaced when antacids react with our stomach acid, but the gas that is expelled from our body is not pure hydrogen as there are other gases in our body as
To get rid of intestinal gas, try moving around and bending at the
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Trapped gas in the stomach can be a cause for discomfort. A person will generally be able to release trapped gas in the stomach by belching or passing gas. If ...
Stomach gas is a normal part of the stomach. Stomach gas is leftover from the foods and fluids that we digest, especially foods and fluids that contain fiber and ...
The gas that is needed to burn food and release energy into the body would be your stomach enzymes. These gases are released during the digestive process. ...
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