How to Relieve the Burning of Pepper Spray.?


1. Leave the location where the pepper spray was sprayed, being careful not to touch anything, especially your eyes or your face. 2. Blink vigorously-the more you blink, the more natural tears you will bring to your eyes, helping to dilute the
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I heard that if you cover yourself with salad cream then i cant sting you! I don't know if this is true as i have never tried it so i wouldn't recommend it! lol =D.
Cool water may provide initial relief for the burning
Pepper spray contains oleoresin capsicum (OC), is a natural substance derived from the oily resins found in cayenne and other varieties of pepper. -More?
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There are several remedies to relieving the burning caused by pepper spray, including: washing the affected area with dish soap and water (Dawn is best), spraying ...
Pepper spray can burn very badly, do not rub the contaminated areas. The best way to remove the pepper spray burn is to use whole milk and rub it on the affected ...
Should you get doused by pepper spray, don't rub and don't panic. Panicking and rubbing will cause the burning to spread and intensify. The capsicum inflames your ...
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