How to Relinquish Your Rights to a Property as a Stepmother?


Whether or not a stepmother has rights depends on state law. In most cases, the rights to a child are with the mother and father only. Your best option would be to contact an attorney.
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1. Name a grantee. A grantee is the person or entity that will retain rights to the property once your relinquish control. Be sure this person or entity agrees to take over ownership
Typically there would be a written agreement between the artist and the entity to which they are surrendering their rights. See the article linked below for an example.
If you live in a community property state there isn't anything you could sign, just don't claim the rights in a divorce, no one will force you to.
What you didn't provide is whether her ex-husband is willing to agree to taking the house. What your sister is wanting to do would be considered a modification of the most recent
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How to Relinquish Your Rights to a Property as a Stepmother
Property transfers are often a straightforward process. Transferring property rights requires a quit claim form. Whether you are owner of six estates or you are a stepmother relinquishing your rights to a property, a quit claim form is a deed transfer... More »
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