How do you relinquish your rights to a property as a stepmother?


Whether or not a stepmother has rights depends on state law. In most cases, the rights to a child are with the mother and father only. Your best option would be to contact an attorney.
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Your husband must convey his interest to the co-owners by a quitclaim deed.
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Terri, You could hire a landman or a real estate or oil and gas attorney to research this for you. Or you could go to the courthouse and ask a clerk to show you how do to this.
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How to Relinquish Your Rights to a Property as a Stepmother
Property transfers are often a straightforward process. Transferring property rights requires a quit claim form. Whether you are owner of six estates or you are a stepmother relinquishing your rights to a property, a quit claim form is a deed transfer... More »
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