How to Remove a Bandage Stuck in a Wound?


To remove a bandage stuck in a wound you have to be careful or it may leave a mark. Slowly and very carefully pick an edge and slowly picky your way. Make sure the wound isn't wet. The dryer it is the better, although it will be painful.
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1. Remove a bandage painlessly by saturating the bandage with vodka. Vodka solvent dissolves the adhesive, according to alternative use site Saturate a cotton swab
gently wet the bandage,preferablly with pure water and allow the the scab to soften for a while. If it is hair that is stuck in the bandage you can clip the hair with a pair of manicure
Try and soak the gauze with peroxide. Use a quarter cup of peroxide to one quart of warm water. Soak it for a few minutes then try and remove. When ready to apply the new dressing
apply and antibiotic ointment like neosporin or silver sulfadiazine to the wound then put a non stick telfa pad over it before wrapping - ask your pharmacist and they can get you
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