How to Remove a Deadbolt Lock?


You can only remove a dead bolt lock from a door from the inside, so start by legally gaining access to the building. After that, simply unscrew the lock from the door using a flat or Phillips-head screwdriver. Remove the near faceplate first, then the far one. A slight twist may be required, but in most cases both pull right out.
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Removing a locked deadbolt is only a problem if you're on the outside looking in, or if you're inside, and the deadbolt requires a key from both the inside and the outside. It is
1. Insert the tension wrench on the bottom of the lock. Ad. 2. Put very mild pressure on it just a little bit. 3. Now insert the lock pick and start raking it you should feel the
Hello Bryan, You can't remove the bolt until the lock cylinder and thumbturn are removed. Can you attach a photo of the inside part so I can see what you are referring to? If you
I would say because it is because "dead" could refer to immovable like "deadweight". Bolt could be just because the lock is a big piece of steel and is like a
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Dead bolt locks are meant for high security on commercial or residential locks. However you can bread a deadbolt lock using what is known as a 'bump key'. This ...
If the lock is a single-cylinder deadbolt and the knob inside the door is accessible turning the knob opens the lock. If the lock is a double-cylinder lock or ...
To remove Schlage lock lever handles you will need to open the door so you are able to access the inside and outside handles. There is a small hole in the lever ...
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