How to Remove a Deadbolt Lock?


You can only remove a dead bolt lock from a door from the inside, so start by legally gaining access to the building. After that, simply unscrew the lock from the door using a flat or Phillips-head screwdriver. Remove the near faceplate first, then the far one. A slight twist may be required, but in most cases both pull right out.
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Removing a locked deadbolt is only a problem if you're on the outside looking in, or if you're inside, and the deadbolt requires a key from both the inside and the outside. It is
1. Purchase the new lock before removing the old one. This way, your home will not be unsecured for a long period. Ad. 2. Remove the screws from the part of the lock that is on the
Hello Patty, There are two black screws under the thumbturn piece that accept a flat head screwdriver. Remove those and the outside assembly will come off. Then remove the 2 screws
A deadbolt lock works by using a cylinder with pin tumblers and a key. Deadbolt locks are different from regular locks because they can only be moved by proper rotation of the cylinder
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