How to Remove a Double Hung Window?


Removing a double hung window is a relatively painless process. The first thing you need to do is remove the stops. Next, tilt out the sash of the window and remove the rope from the channel. Find the access plate under the pulley and remove the counter plates. Do the same thing with the second set of stops. Finally, remove the framing to reveal the assembled window and remove it.
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How to Remove a Double Hung Window
Whether you're changing a wall, fixing broken glass or installing more efficient casement windows, removing the old double hung windows is one of the the first items on your home improvement checklist. Over the years, there have been some changes in how... More »
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1. Determine what kind of window you have. In old double hung windows, the bottom sash, or part of the window that you lift to let the breeze in, has counterweights. These are lead
Double hung windows are of such that you can open the top or the bottom sections of the window or have both sections meet in the middle. This kind of window offers ventilation equal
Definition: The double-hung window is the most common style of window available. Most likely, you have seen a double hung window and not even known what it was called: it consists
3'0 x 5'0 or 3'0 by 6'0 are very common.
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1. Remove the stops on the bottom sashes, or framework, of your double-hung aluminum windows. Also remove any facing behind the window and remove the sash. All ...
To remove a double hung window, you need to determine if the window is older or newer, as the design is a bit different. Old windows have counterweights and newer ...
Cleaning a double hung windows can be done by first removing the screens from the windows, clean out the sill of the window, grip the sash releases and slide them ...
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