How to Remove a Fishbone Stuck in the Throat?


To remove a fish-bone or a hair stuck in the throat, drink plenty of water so these things will be flushed out from your throat. Eating a bulk of rice, potato or banana can also help remove the hair or fishbone. If none of the suggested ways work, seek for medical help.
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1. Try home remedies only if you are unable to get to a doctor immediately. An old remedy for removing a fishbone stuck in the throat is to eat a mouthful of marshmallows. Marshmallows
Eat small pieces of bread. my sister was eating fish and started to cough but I told her to eat bread. Don't chew it a lot. just so you get a greater chance of the bone going to the
go to the doctor have them pull it. bones don't digest well and could put a hole in you intestines and serious infection and maybe even death don't take your medical advice from yahoo
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How to Remove a Fishbone Stuck in the Throat
Accidentally swallowing a fishbone is one drawback to eating freshwater and a few salt water fish. Since fresh water has less buoyancy than saltwater, freshwater fish such as perch and trout do not have the same body structure as saltwater fish. The... More »
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