How can you quickly remove a hickey?


A hickey is a bruise caused by broken capillaries on the neck, so the best treatment for it is to apply a cold compress to it. Cooling it will serve the same effect as cold on a black eye: It reduces swelling and promotes the healing process.

Once an individual has sped up the healing process by reducing the initial swelling, they must heal the broken capillaries under the skin that cause the redness. An individual can use a toothbrush to softly brush over the hickey. They should do this for three minutes once a day to circulate the blood in the bruise to promote further healing. The bruise may look worse after brushing it, but will only look that way briefly. Next, one places an ample amount of liquid vitamin E on the neck every three hours; they need to be sure to rub the vitamin E into their skin thoroughly. Unfortunately, there is no quick remedy for healing a hickey, but people can opt to use a yellow or green concealer to blend the redness with the skin while performing these healing tactics. As with all bruises, the body heals faster when it is completely hydrated and provided with the necessary nutrients. Hickey sufferers should drink more water than usual and maintain a healthy diet along with these healing methods for the hickey to disappear within a week.

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1. For best results, start the night before the time you have to hide the hickey. 2. Put loose arnica in a heat-proof bowl. 3. Boil water. 4. Pour the hot water over the arnica to
Its not garunteed that it'll go away but you can try putting an ice pack on your hickey (u can make one) or/and after or alone try brushing the area gently and it'll spread but it'll
1. Cool the hickey. Apply an icepack or cold spoon on the hickey as soon as possible after you get it. You can wrap some ice in a towel, use pre-frozen ice packs or put a spoon in
u get a cold soon and freeze it and put it on the hickey.
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