How do you remove a household radiator?


To remove a household central heating radiator, you first need to drain it of most of its water and then detach it from the wall. Close the manual control and lockshield valve. Remove any floor covering around the radiator and loosen the bleed valve to remove some of the water in the radiator. Loosen the manual control valve to remove the rest of the water. Carefully lift the radiator from the supports and empty any remaining water into a bucket.
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1. Turn off the heating system and allow the water in the pipes to cool. 2. Turn off the valves at each end of the radiator. Turn off the control valve by hand. The second valve will
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How to Remove a House Radiator
When remodeling or redecorating, the radiator in the room may need to removed. It is very difficult to paint or do any wall repairs with the radiator in place. Removal of the radiator requires no special tools and can be accomplished by the average... More »
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