How to Remove a PTO Clutch?


When you are removing the PTO clutch you will need to use a jack, jack stands, wrench and 5/8 inch socket. Remove the rod assembly from the lawn mower and remember to take the key out of the ignition. Next, you will use the jack to pull the vehicle off the ground so that it can rest on the jack stand. Disconnect the PTO from the wiring clutch.
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1. Lift the utility vehicle up with a floor jack. Place two jack stands under the front frame and two jack stands under the rear frame, so the wheels sit above the pavement. Provide
Have the owner's manual handy. Take the single bolt out, and the clutch should come off fairly easily. Do not force it too much. The clutch and pulleys will come off in one piece.
Unplug it remove the center bolt and remove the bolt that stops the clutch from rotating
Go to YouTube and search for a video. They have them for absolutely EVERYTHING with step by step directions. Another option is to go where you bought it and talk to them.
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