How to Remove a Retained Tampon?


A retained tampon is a tampon that has become either stuck or lost. To remove a retained tampon you will need to insert your finger into your vagina as deep as you can and search for it. If you can feel it try to pull it out. If you cannot feel it it is best to visit the doctor as soon as possible to have it removed.
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1. Wash your hands before trying to retrieve the stuck tampon. Clipping your nails may be a good idea too. 2. Sit on the toilet and prop your feet upon a trashcan or the bathtub and
1 Get comfortable. Sit on the toilet ad spread your legs open, try and lead your pelvic bone flat, so your vaginal opening is within easier reach. Ad
Tampons have strings that hang out of the body, to remove, you simply just tug/pull on string until the used tampon is out!
When you are ready to remove the tampon, hold the string and gently pull it downward
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To remove a tampon, you need to very carefully pull on the string that is hanging out of your vagina. Don't pull it out fast, or you could damage the inside of ...
To remove a lost tampon, position yourself in the tub. Reach and probe with bare fingers until you can grasp the body of the tampon. Pull gently. If it hurts in ...
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