How to Remove a Rivet?


The quickest and easiest way to remove a rivet is with a drill. Select a bit that is slightly larger than the rivet and gently drill down a little bit. Reverse the drill and the rivet will come out.
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1. Place the fabric that contains the rivet button on a flat, steady surface. Make sure you have enough space to work in, to avoid knocking something over with an enthusiastic elbow
1 Grind off as much of the rivet's head as possible with a grinder and grinding wheel. Take care not to grind into the metal around the rivet. Ad 2 Use a small punch and a hammer
drill it out with metal bit (1/8"1/4" Should come apart easily.most of the pops are aluminum nowadays.
You have to drill them out.Use a drill bit just a little bigger than the hole in the rivet.Drill it until the head of the rivet comes off.
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1. Align the tip of a center punch with the center of a solid rivet. Strike the center punch with a hammer to make a depression on the rivet. 2. Set the tip of ...
To remove rivets you will need a drill and a bit slightly larger than the rivet. Drill down onto the head of the rivet just slightly. Backing off the drill will ...
1. Select the proper drill bit size. Choose a drill bit that is slightly larger than the shaft of the rivet, but not as large as the top. If you have a rivet of ...
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