How to Remove a Sink Stopper?


To remove a sink stopper, simply take it out. You grab the top, and pull it up. If it has a handle, grab it by the handle and take it out. A sink stopper may be glued in, and in this case, you would need to use screwdrivers to remove it.
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1. Open the cabinet drawers which cover the plumbing below your sink. 2. Move any objects out of the way so you have easy access to the sink stopper assembly. 3. Locate the pivot
1. Make sure stopper is dry and sink is empty of water. (See below for a tip if you have water in your sink) Ad. 2. Unscrew the stopper from the mechanism holding it by pushing it
You will probably have to get under the sink to raise it by hand. Once up, you should be able to twist it around until it comes loose.
By replacing the ceramic cartidge inside, however to replace it requires dismantling the tap (Mains off of course) and matching a new unit. Usually cheaper to buy a new tap.
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How to Remove a Sink Stopper
The water's filling up in your sink but the plunger that pops up the sink stopper isn't working. In this scenario, you might think to scramble for a flat screwdriver to pry the stopper from the bottom of the sink, but to no avail: the suction and... More »
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These usually twist off and on. Simply twist the pop up sink stopper until it becomes loose in your hand, and then pull up. To replace, simply screw a new one ...
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