How to Remove a Stuck Shower Head?


To remove a stock showerhead, you could use a lubricating agent. One good example would be WD-40. You can also remove it with a soft scrubber or with pliers.
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1. Examine the showerhead closely to determine what is causing it to become stuck. In most cases, it will be one of two different problems: excessive rust (reddish flaky metal) or
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1. Decide whether you really need to remove your shower head. If your shower head has a slower flow compared to when you first bought it, perhaps you may not need to change it. With
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How to Remove a Stuck Shower Head
When a showerhead is stuck, it's usually hard to tell until the time comes to replace it. A showerhead that is fitted improperly will usually let you know the minute you turn it on by leaking or spraying water. Showerheads that have been in place for a... More »
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To fix a shower head drip first you must turn off the water supply. Remove the manifold and remove the guts of the faucet. Take the part to a local hardware store ...
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