How do you remove a stuck shower head?


To remove a stock showerhead, you could use a lubricating agent. One good example would be WD-40. You can also remove it with a soft scrubber or with pliers.
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1. Examine the showerhead closely to determine what is causing it to become stuck. In most cases, it will be one of two different problems: excessive rust (reddish flaky metal) or
1 Decide whether you really need to remove your shower head. If your shower head has a slower flow compared to when you first bought it, perhaps you may not need to change it. With
It won't even budge. There is the pipe coming out of the wall, then there is another separate piece attached that ends in a ball shape. This is the piece that won't come off.
It's not as daunting as it may seem to change your own shower head! Do not be scared, grab your tools and jump on in. For this job you will need: new shower head plumbers tape wrench
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How to Remove a Stuck Shower Head
When a showerhead is stuck, it's usually hard to tell until the time comes to replace it. A showerhead that is fitted improperly will usually let you know the minute you turn it on by leaking or spraying water. Showerheads that have been in place for a... More »
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