How to Remove a Virus?


To remove a computer virus buy or download reliable antivirus software, install the antivirus software update with the latest virus definitions then perform a complete system scan. However, a safe way to remove viruses is to use a bootable antivirus CD containing the latest definition to scan the drive.
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Removing a virus should be done with an antivirus program. You can purchase many good brands, and there are even a few that are available online for free.
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Computer viruses are removed by using an anti-viral software application such as Norton Anti Virus. There are menu commands to scan your computer disk, and then the software will
1. Press "Ctrl, "Alt" and "Delete" to open the Task Manager. 2. Click the "Processes" tab of the Task Manager. 3. Click "Show Processes From
1. Open your anti-virus program. If you do not have an anti-virus program, consider downloading Windows Defender or Sophos (see links under Resources). Windows Defender and Sophos
1. Download Symantec's removal tool from the first link in Resources and run the application. 2. Let the tool finish its process and restart your computer after it finishes. 3. Run
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To remove a virus manually, you must have extensive knowledge of your computerâ€â&dbquo;¢ ...
To remove a virus from your computer you can download malicious software tool. To help defend your computer from the virus's you should download Windows Defender ...
You can remove an active virus from your computer by installing an antivirus program and scanning your computer for possible viruses. Once it detects a virus, ...
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