How to Remove Agitator from Kenmore Washer?


The remove the agitator from a Kenmore washer lift up the hood to reveal the washer tub and agitator. Remove the agitator cap by unscrewing it and remove the agitator bolt. You will then need to put on safety gloves and place your hands beneath the agitator and tug on it to release it.
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1. Unplug the Kenmore Washer from the wall. Lift up the washer hood to expose the tub and agitator. 2. Remove the agitator hub cap. Depending on your model, this will either screw
Top of agitator should be a cap that either unscrews, or can be popped off. There should be a nut under the cap. Without knowing the model # that's about all I can offer. You could
Technically, the agitator should just pull straight up and off. Realistically, that just might not be that easy. There is an agitator puller. If you take the small plastic cap off
1. Switch off the circuit breaker that the hood is connected to. 2. Remove all the mounting screws on the sides of the hood with a Phillips-head screwdriver. 3. Remove the hood so
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