How to Remove Battery Acid Stains from Concrete?


Battery acid stains from concrete can be removed by; wear protective gloves, remove or sweep all dirt. Spray the area with chlorine bleach, scrub the area and remove the water using a pipe. Add muriatic acid; pour baking soda over the treated area to kill the chlorine. Take the dirty water to the appropriate place.
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1. Sweep the concrete to remove any dust or debris. 2. Wash the stained area with a mixture of 1/4 cup dishwashing soap and a gallon of warm water. Allow the area to dry completely.
Bleach will only remove a small portion of the stain and the scrub brush on concrete will definitely cause permanent damage to the concrete. Once concrete is "spot treated"
1. Clean the concrete bed thoroughly. Make sure the surface on which the stain will be applied is clean, free from unwanted defects, stains, and markings, and is ready for coloration
HA. I had that stain on my kitchen floor.don't ask! The best thing was lighter fluid and a brush. But didn't make much of a difference but helped. Good luck.
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How to Remove Battery Acid Stains From Concrete
Battery acid can leave a terrible stain in your driveway or garage. Battery acid stains are not difficult to remove. However, you must be cautious because you will be working with dangerous chemicals. Battery acid stains should be cleaned up immediately... More »
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