Belly Button Ring Removing?


Once your belly-button piercing is completely healed--which may take as long as two to six months--you can easily remove the belly button ring yourself and substitute it for another. If your belly button piercing is healed, then wash your hands, your navel and the new body jewelry that you will be inserting. Next unscrew the ball that is in your piercing and pull the barbell down and out, then insert your new body jewelry into your piercing from the inside of the belly button up and out and screw the ball on.
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1. Clean your hands with antibacterial soap and warm water. If you have any dirt, debris or bacteria on your hands when you remove your belly button ring, it can lead to an infection
If the piercing was done with a captive bead ring ( the ring has a bead on it ) push the bead to one side of the ring , you need to apply a bit of force to get the bead to pop off
Unscrew the ball, Remove the ball and Pull the barbell portion of the belly button ring down. Wash your hands first.
1. Take the pin or needle and bend it to form a C (arch) 2. Take the ring securer, super glue, and decorative jewelry. Make sure the ring securer can secure the pin, and that it fits
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How to Remove a Belly Button Ring
After you've had your belly button pierced, the ring must remain in place for 6 to 12 weeks. This allows the piercing to adequately heal, ensuring it won't close up once the ring is removed. Once the specified period of time has passed, you may wish to... More »
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To remove your bellybutton ring, you need to take the end off of the ring. When you do this, you need to gently slide the ring out of the bellybutton. Put some vaseline on your bellybutton if you need to.
Belly button rings are removed by unscrewing the ball that is over your belly button. After you have unscrewed this, you will be able to pull the jewelry out by pulling it down and out of the hole.
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Belly button rings should be changed after a recommended period of 6 to 12 months. ...
You can tell if a belly button ring is surgical steel by looking at the redness and swelling if does not do so that means it is surgical steel. Paying attention ...
Fake belly button rings work by clipping onto a piece of the skin around the belly button area. Another type of fake belly button ring glues directly to the skin ...
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