How do you remove black grease from clothes?


To remove black grease from clothes you will need to pretreat it with a petroleum based solvent spray. You will need to let it sit on the clothes for a few minutes before washing in the washing machine.
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1. Run the soiled area under hot water. Like any grease, the hot water will break it down and disperse it. In many cases this will remove the grease and grime from your clothing by
1. Blot away any excess grease or oil with a paper towel. Try to get as much grease or oil away from the clothing as possible before you move on to the next step. Ad. 2. Cover grease
detergents manufactured today have enzymes and other chemicals that hold dirt and grease in suspension for about 14 minutes (which is why the wash time you can select is no more than
1. Lay the polyester fabric on a flat surface with the oil or grease stain facing upward. Scrape off any remaining oil or grease with a plastic spoon and discard in a trashcan. 2.
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How to Remove Black Grease From Clothing
Engines and other mechanical motors use grease to keep the components inside of the motor lubricated and functioning properly. Over time, the grease turns black when dirt mixes with engine components. To remove black grease from clothing, you must do... More »
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