How to Remove Boat Steering Cable?


Removing a boat steering cable is easy if a person knows the basics. The first thing to do is remove the paneling and all the screws. The next will be removing the wiring. The best thing to do is to get the manual for the boat to show exactly what to do when removing and replacing the steering cable.
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1. Use a box end wrench to remove the bolt and nut from the output arm of the helm (the "box" behind the dashboard that the steering wheel shaft goes into) 2. Spray a moisture-excluding
Disconnect the cable and roll it up and immerse in diesel fuel for a few days this will help lube and break up the rust. You can add a couple quarts of transmission fluid to the diesel
1. Turn the steering wheel from side to side until it locks into place. This will make the process a bit easier, as the wheel won't be turning as you work. 2. Remove the horn button
1. Open the hood by pulling out on the latch just above the center of the front bumper while pulling up on the hood. Loosen the negative ground cable from the battery on the passenger
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How to Remove the Steering Cable on a Boat
Whether you're replacing your cable steering with hydraulic steering or simply returning to the tiller on a small outboard motor, you can remove the steering cable from your boat yourself. Removing the cable from its mounts may require that you get into... More »
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To replace the ignition switch on a Ford F-150 you will want to start by disconnecting the negative cable from the battery. Lower the steering column after removing ...
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