How do you remove bumper scuffs?


Bumper scuff spoils a car's exterior and also affect its resale value. You can repair these scratches by either hiring a professional to do the job for you or with the help and guidance. For more information and detailed instructions on how to remove bumer scuffs, visit http://www. automedia. com/Simple_Bumper_Scuff_Repair/ccr20020401bs/1.
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1. Clean the surface of the bumper with a cloth, soap and water. Rinse the bumper with water and dry it with a towel. 2. Using a fine grain sandpaper, sand the area that has been
A rag with a bit of petrol or otehr orgaanic solvent should do well enough,
1 Wash the scuff marked floor with a mild detergent solution, so that you know exactly what and where the tough marks are. Ad 2 Take an ordinary, clean tennis ball and rub it over
1. Open the Touareg's hatch. Pop open the screw caps on the sides of the taillights, using with the flat-head screwdriver. 2. Remove the taillight bolts from the vehicle's body, using
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How to Remove Bumper Scuffs
Few things are as annoying for the driver of a new car than the inevitable discovery of a scuffed bumper. All it takes is one careless driver parking beside you to completely ruin the flawless look of your new car. Fortunately, repairing a scuffed bumper... More »
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