How to Remove Bumper Scuffs?


Bumper scuff spoils a car's exterior and also affect its resale value. You can repair these scratches by either hiring a professional to do the job for you or with the help and guidance. For more information and detailed instructions on how to remove bumer scuffs, visit http://www. automedia. com/Simple_Bumper_Scuff_Repair/ccr20020401bs/1.
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1. Clean the surface of the bumper with a cloth, soap and water. Rinse the bumper with water and dry it with a towel. 2. Using a fine grain sandpaper, sand the area that has been
A rag with a bit of petrol or otehr orgaanic solvent should do well enough,
Obtain the color code for your car's paint. The car dealer should be able to tell you this or it may be indicated in the car manual. Buy a can of
any bodyshop can help you out.
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How to Remove Bumper Scuffs
Few things are as annoying for the driver of a new car than the inevitable discovery of a scuffed bumper. All it takes is one careless driver parking beside you to completely ruin the flawless look of your new car. Fortunately, repairing a scuffed bumper... More »
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