How do you remove cigarette smoke from wood furniture?


To remove cigarette smoke from wood furniture first mix few drops in liquid dish soap into the water then dampen a cloth in the mixture. Scrub the wood furniture with the cloth. Rinse the mixture of wood furniture with a clean dampened cloth in cool water. Clean the bucket then pour white vinegar into the water in the bucket. Scrub the wood furniture using a clean sponge saturated in the vinegar. Finally allow the vinegar mixture to air dry on the wood furniture.
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In a pail put approx. 1/4 cup of Witch Hazel (can be bought at any drug store) and a couple of squirts of Dawn dish soup. Take very SOFT steel wool, gently scrub and wipe up with
1. Cigarette smell gets embedded in the fabric fibers. Sprinkle baking soda liberally on fabric furniture. Don't worry about using too much; baking soda will not harm or bleach your
If the wood furniture is relatively new and has an intact top coat of poly, a good cleaning with furniture polish should be enough. If the poly finish is worn or if the furniture
1 Strip all linens and draperies and wash them in hot water. Ad 2 Sprinkle scented carpet deodorizer on the floor, if you have carpet, and let it sit there for 3 hours before vacuuming,-Che...
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How to Remove Cigarette Smoke From Wood Furniture
When cigarette smoke comes in contact with a surface such as wood furniture, it will cover the item with an oily residue. The residue is difficult to remove and helps trap the cigarette smoke odor in the item. This can quickly damage the wood furniture,... More »
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