How do you remove creosote stains from brick?


When you burn a fire in a fireplace, it will give off soot which will lead to a build-up of creosote. To remove creosote stains you can burn a specialty log. You can also reduce creosote buildup by only burning wood that is well-seasoned and dried. One formula to remove smoke and soot from brick is to mix an ounce of soap and an ounce of table salt, mix with water to form a paste and put it on the surface, then scrape it off with a wire brush after 10 minutes.
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1. Put on safety goggles, rubber gloves and long sleeves and pants before cleaning creosote stains. Wear clothes that can be stained. 2. Spread a dropcloth or sheet over the floor
1. Hose down the brick surface with a high-pressure hose or attach a nozzle which can direct a powerful jet of water at the surface. Efflorescence is water soluble, so most of it
1. Insert a thick-bladed drywall knife under the brick to pry it away. A 3- or 4-inch drywall knife should do, but the size isn't as important as the thickness - you don't want the
1. Mix 1 oz. of liquid soap with 1 oz. table salt. Place drops of water into the mixture until it forms a thick cream. 2. Spread the salt mixture over the soot on the brick with a
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How to Remove Creosote Stains From Brick
Creosote is an oily residue that is produced by burning wood. Essentially, it starts as a vapor and sticks to the bricks inside your chimney. As it dries out it becomes flaky and smelly. There are plenty of commercial products that will help to reduce... More »
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