How can I remove diesel stains?


Diesel stains can be removed from clothing by first applying heavy duty detergent on the affected area and leaving it to soak for about 10 minutes or more. The stain is then scrubbed with an old cloth and water is spayed using a spray bottle. The liquid is then blotted with paper towel until it is dry and the clothing is cleaned.
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1. Apply heavy duty detergent onto the diesel stain. 2. Allow the detergent to soak in for 10 minutes. 3. Scrub the stain with an old cloth. 4. Spray water over the stain using a
Generally water will help to remove deodorant stains. However, the best thing to do might be to change deodorants. There are a lot of clear deodorants out there that won't leave any
My Laundry Question. How do you get diesel out of dress clothes after they have been stained, washed, and dried? Share a Little Background Info. We thought we had all the towels out
1. Directly apply your favored spot product. Ad. 2. When you go to wash the clothes, spray the spot again, and most of the stain (or all of it) will come off. 3. Use cornstarch to
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How to Remove Diesel Stains
Diesel is a type of fuel that is most often used to run large trucks and tractor trailers. Diesel stains are a bit tough to remove, but it is more than worth it to save that fabric or hard surface from looking stained, dingy and dull. The method for... More »
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Use caution when removing diesel from laundry because it makes fabrics more flammable. Additionally, it's important to wash garments stained with diesel separately ...
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You can remove perspiration stains using a stain removing product. Soak the stained area based on the product's guidelines. Then wash as normal to remove the stain ...
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