How to Remove Dog Tear Stains?


How do you remove those nasty brown dog tear stains? I have seen that on many dogs and it is so unsightly. Dogs' eyes are so beautiful so you don't want to let it get too bad. Depending on what is causing the stain, it could be bacteria or yeast, or just the Ph in the dogs system, or in severe cases it may be a need for tear duct surgery. Check with the vet first to find the cause then if it is just a matter of cleaning then you can use peroxide and make a paste with Milk of Magnesia and corn starch. I have used boric acid, mix a little boric acid in hot water and let it dissolve and cool then take a cotton ball and wipe the eye and cleanse it.
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1. Use a commercial eye scrub to clean the area around the eye. These can be found at the local pet store. Follow the specific instructions on the package, since products may vary
1. Be sure to have your dog checked at the vet before assuming your dog is all right. It is better to be reassured that your dog has a minor problem than to keep him suffering from
Answer Tear stains in dogs and cats are evidence of red yeast. This also holds true for stains elsewhere on the body that come into contact with saliva, such as the "beard"
they have whites at pet stores i forget what they are called but they are safe to use around their eyes and you just wipe them every day and they will start to go away. you can ask
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To remove a tear stain in dogs, you should wet a cloth with warm water and clean around the dogs eyes a few times a day. Some stains are difficult to remove for ...
To remove a tear stain in dogs you use a viable eye brush to clean the part round the dog's eye. Always offer a high-quality classic dog diet and fluids to your ...
To remove tear Stains from Poodles, use small scissors to cut the stained hair around the poodles' eyes, mix hydrogen peroxide in a dish of water and rub away ...
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