How to Remove Drawers?


To remove drawers, pull the drawers out as far as they will go. Holding each side, lift slightly and then pull forward again. If this does not work a screwdriver might be needed to undo a couple of screws on the inside of each side of the drawer.
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1. Pull the drawer open and remove everything that is inside. This helps to prevent accidentally dumping the contents on the floor and makes the drawer lighter. 2. Extend the drawer
my sliding drawers come out if you pull them out to far.
You need to remove the 2 screws holding the black rails on both sides of the drawer. Took us a while to figure this one out also.
[IMG] Looks like the hard yank method. Pull straight out very quickly with the drawer initially positioned near the end of the travel. It will feel like it's stuck. You need a little
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How to Remove Drawers
There is a variety of reasons to remove a drawer: Cleaning, replacing hardware, fixing a door face, or moving furniture. Whatever the reason, removing a drawer is a very simple task that nearly anyone can do with just a few quick steps. The entire... More »
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To remove drawers from a matco toolbox, position your matco tool chest on a raised surface such as work bench. Open the drawer and locate the retaining screws ...
The first step to remove drawers from a Craftsman tool chest is to pull the drawer all the way out. You will then need to push in it just enough so that you can ...
To remove Kraft maid drawers, first open the drawer by pulling it toward you. Then inspect it for the orange clips on both tracks below the backside of the drawer ...
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