How do you remove dried Elmer's glue?


To remove dried Elmer's glue is achievable. Start by rubbing the place where the glue is with a cloth that is soaked in warm water. Gently scrap the glue and rinse the area.
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1. Wear latex gloves to keep the glue off your hands. Wipe up the Elmer's glue with some paper towels if the glue was just spilled. If the Elmer's glue is dry, skip to Step 4. 2.
Depends what you use it on. For sticking paper to paper, maybe 15 minutes or so. For wood it takes about 4 hours to fully cure to a hard joint.
Make sure the glue is in a warm (70+ degrees F) dry environment with good air
Judy's on the right track. I prefer a hairdryer or heat gun though. Water can ruin your iron, and if you have a nylon carpet, the iron can quickly ruin that. If you have, or can borrow
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