How to Remove Duoderm?


You remove Duoderm similar to the way you remove a Band-aid, Hold the undamaged skin near a corner of the Duoderm and pull back the dressing. You can also wet the edges with saline solution to loosen the adhesive.
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How to Remove Duoderm
DuoDERM is a specific brand of dressing used for treating and protecting wounds. It can be applied to leg ulcers, or other injuries which heal slowly. The dressing prevents bacteria entering the wound, and consequently keeps the area clean. When the... More »
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Duoderm is used as a dressing to protect wounds and to promote healing. Although it has adhesive properties, the adhesion is not so strong that's it's hard to remove. Just gently pull from a corner and remove.
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1. Position yourself or the patient comfortably. Sit upright in bed with your leg stretched out, or place your arm on a steady soft surface. If you are removing someone else's dressing
1. Soak the DuoDerm bandage stuck to the clothing to loosen its adhesive. 2. Grab the edge of the DuoDerm bandage and begin to take off the bandage slowly. 3. Use scissors to cut
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