How to Remove Enamel Paint from Clothing?


Before getting started you will need detergent, water and an old toothbrush for cleaning. Spread some of the detergent onto the enamel paint and using the toothbrush comb the area in circular motions. Repeat as needed until the paint is removed.
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1. Start the cleaning process as soon as possible. The longer the enamel paint sits on your clothing, the more of a chance it will set into the fibers of your clothes. 2. If the paint
Denatured alcohol removes very old paint so it should do the trick without harming the cloth. Ice cotton balls to rub area with product and place them on front and back soaked in
With a chemical stripper, like 'Circa 1850' - But be careful, all chemical strippers are corrosive to clothing and skin. Wear gloves and goggles.
1 Pour on some rubbing alcohol. Although there are many methods of removing latex paint, by far the most effective seems to be with the use of rubbing alcohol. Grab some regular rubbing
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How to Remove Enamel Paint From Clothing
If you've ever completed a house painting project, you were probably pleased with how good your room looked. However, you might not have been pleased with the new appearance of your clothes. No matter how careful you are, a painting job almost always... More »
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