How to Remove Fingernail Glue?


The best thing to remove fingernail glue is acetone. You can first file off the thicker areas of glue and then soak your fingernails in warm soapy water for awhile. Then apply the acetone with cotton balls, gently wiping away the glue.
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1. Use a soft nail file to gently file away the nail glue. This will reduce the larger portions of the glue that have dried on your nail bed. 2. Soak each hand in warm, soapy water
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1. Scrape off persistent glue pieces with a utility blade. Use sliding motions at the base of the glue marks to avoid damaging the glass surface. Ensure that the blade is new, otherwise
1. Nail polish remover loosens many types of glue. Wet a clean cloth with nail polish remover. Gently rub the nail polish remover over the glue stain to loosen the glue by breaking
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How to Remove Fingernail Glue
Nail glue is used to bond acrylic nails and strengthen natural fingernails. It can be a very strong adhesive that lasts for weeks, leaving behind residue even after artificial nails have been removed. Cleaning the glue from your fingernails can be a... More »
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To remove fingernail glue, you can use nail polish remover. Or purchase some acetone, which is the major component in polish remover. Dab with a cotton ball until dissolved.
To remove fingernail glue, you will need to soak your nails in acetone. Depending on the amount of glue on your nails, you will need to let them soak approximately 10-15 minutes or until all the glue has melted off.
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