How to Remove Fruit Punch Stains?


There are a couple of ways to remove the dreaded fruit punch stain. The first method is to let the stain soak before washing it. The second method is to find a powerful detergent.
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1. Spray the affected area with a commercial spot cleaner. Some examples of commercial spot cleaners include R2X Stain Remover or Spot Shot. If a commercial spot cleaner is not on
As soon as possible after the fruit punch spill on the fabric, pretreat w/a
Fruit punch stains clothes because it contains a dye. The fibers of the clothes absorb the fruit punch. The liquid part of the drink evaporates, and the dye part remains set in the
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How to Remove Fruit Punch Stains
While delicious to drink, fruit punch can become quite a headache if spilled on clothing, furniture or onto the carpet. Once it sets, it will be tough to remove, but if you act quickly enough, and with the proper technique, lifting a fruit punch stain is... More »
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