How to Remove Gasoline from Driveway?


There are several really easy ways to remove gasoline from a driveway. The simplest method is to use kitty litter - sprinkle liberally over the gasoline. It will absorb the gasoline.
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1. Pour cat litter onto the gasoline. Cover the entire stain with cat litter and continue to pour on more litter in the areas where the litter is quickly absorbing the fluid. Leave
1 Encircle the spill with sand, dirt, sawdust or cat litter to prevent further spreading. Ad 2 Soak up the spill using an absorbent towel, cloth or powder. 3 Apply an engine degreaser
If stains are fresh, pour an absorbent material on them (clay cat litter,
1. Blot up any excess gasoline with terry-cloth towels soon after the spill occurs. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck up any loose particles in the spill area for easier cleaning as well
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