How to Remove Gasoline from Driveway?


There are several really easy ways to remove gasoline from a driveway. The simplest method is to use kitty litter - sprinkle liberally over the gasoline. It will absorb the gasoline.
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1. Fill a bucket with 1 1/4 gallon of hot water. 2. Pour 1 pint of muriatic acid into the bucket. 3. Pour the mixture onto the rusty areas of the driveway. 4. Scrub the driveway with
If stains are fresh, pour an absorbent material on them (clay cat litter,
Vinegar and baking soda can get it out. Check out
1. Pour talcum powder directly onto a grease stain and leave it overnight. The powder will draw out the grease and absorb it. Wipe the area clean with a soft cloth the next morning.
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