How to Remove Gasoline Smell from Car?


To remove gasoline smell from a car you will need to clean up the spill. You can sprinkle baking soda over the spill when cleaned. You can then use scents, such as Fabreeze to help cover the odor until it dries. If the smell is not from a spill, you need to have a mechanic find where the smell is coming from as this can be dangerous.
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To remove gasoline smell out of your car use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar and scrub the carpet or upholster that is holding the smell. Let the car air out as much as possible and use Febreeze until the smell is gone.
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1. Put on safety glasses and gloves before cleaning up the gasoline. Use an old rag to soak up any excess gasoline. 2. Mix vinegar and hot water in a spray bottle, and then spray
what you can do to get that nasty smell out is buy air fresheners and fubreeze can help too.
I have done the same,it took about a week for the fumes to go away. gas fumes are very toxic,I would avoid using the car as much as you can and leave the trunk and windows open too
If it's on your clothes, soak them with baby oil and then wash as usual. Chacha!
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