How to Remove Glitter Glue from Clothes?


There is no easy way to get rid of Glitter Glue from Clothes. Maybe you could put the garment in the freezer and the try to peel off the Glue. Or you could use some laundry stain remover. Other people say to spray hair spray on the Glitter Glue and it will wipe off.
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1. Find a can of regular aerosol hairspray. You can use the same hairspray that you use for your hair. 2. Lay your clothing on a flat surface with the glittery part facing up. 3.
Put th clothes in a bowl of water with some form of soap then scub like mad until it comes out!
To remove glitter from clothing, spray it with hairspray, allow it to dry and
If you manage to get some glitter on your clothing, it can get quite tricky to remove it. After all, these sparkly things are meant to stick to a surface to give it some shine. However
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