How to Remove Great Stuff from Skin?


If the foam has not hardened you can use fingernail polish remover to remove the foam. If the foam has hardened then there is no chemical that can remove it. It will eventually wear off in a couple days. You can try to use a pumice stone and petroleum jelly to speed it up.
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Axion dish paste will remove cured foam from skin instantly and is mild to the skin.
acetone (even nail polish remover with acetone will work) Otherwise, it'll still come off after time. Try not to scrub too hard with the Acetone and know that apply acetone to sensitive
For skin and solid surfaces, cured Great Stuff foam must be mechanically
"Great Stuff" is the curse on earth. People who dealt with this foam know what I mean and how amazingly sticky it is. NOTHING I tried so far will get it off my skin or fabrics
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Great Stuff foam can be removed from skin by using acetone (finger nail remover) if the foam is not hardened. If the foam is hardened, it will wear off in several ...
You can remove stuff that is stuck onto your hands by using a wipe that is called Great Stuff. These work wipes are used to remove substances such as oil and grease ...
There is only one thing that has been proven to work. Get a bottle or two of nail polish remover and use it gently on the fabric. ...
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