How to Remove Gum from Car Paint?


One way to remove gum from car paint is by using Avon Skin So Soft. It will not harm the paint or damage the finish of the paint. Bug and Tar remover will also get gum off the car. Remember to wash and wax the car after removing the gum to give it a shiny finish.
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You can remove fine scratches in the paint of your car by first washing and drying the car, then applying a scratch removing product. It will look like it is filling in the scratch,
1. Dip a clean cloth lightly in a bottle of mineral spirits (found at auto parts stores. 2. Rub the cloth containing the mineral spirits gently onto the tree sap, using a circular
1. Stretch out ready-to-spray color by mixing universal base coat blender and clear base coat with ready-to-spray color. This thins the color out without changing the thickness of
To remove paint from plastic, first try scraping as much off as possible. Carefully pour rubbing alcohol over the area and rub with paper towels. For more information look here:
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How to Remove Gum From Car Paint
Getting gum on clothing can ruin a garment, but getting gum on a car can completely ruin its paint job, which is a much more expensive problem. The good news is, if you find some chewing gum on your car's exterior, it can be easily removed without... More »
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