How to remove hail damage from cars?


Hail damage can be corrected using a heat method, a specific hail repair kit or through the use of professional services. The heat and repair kits are at-home methods that are less likely to work than professional hail repair.

The easiest way that hail damage can be repaired is using professional services. These services are performed by auto body specialists and will guarantee the removal of any dents that were caused by hail. As one of the most inexpensive body repair jobs, hail damage repair is usually recommended to be done by a professional. For most hail-damaged cars, there is no new paint job required. It is important for a car owner with hail damage to check all of their resources in the area. Comparing prices and services offered will ensure that the best hail damage repair is received for the best price.

For people who do not have the money to spend on a professional or would rather do the job themselves, a hail damage repair kit can be purchased. These kits run around one-third of the price of professional services and will get most hail dents out.

A complete do-it-yourself method for hail damage involves the use of heat. A blow dryer will be needed and, in some cases, dry ice will be needed. A car owner can concentrate the heat from a blow dryer onto the dents, which will cause them to expand and pop out. Hail dents that are stubborn may require a combination of dry ice and heat to quickly change the temperature and allow the dents to expand more quickly.

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How to Remove Hail Damage From Cars
Hail tends to come without warning. As quickly as it comes, it is gone. Depending on the size of the hail and intensity with which it comes down, it can leave a nasty little series of reminders on a car. Hail dents are usually small in size and can... More »
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