How to Remove Head from Weed Eater?


How to remove the head from a weed eater can vary greatly, depending on the model and make. Some can be removed by pressing down and turning, while others must have screws loosened to remove it.
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How to Remove a Head From a Weed Eater
Poulan manufactures the Weed Eater line of trimmers. Although your Weed Eater is a durable yard tool, it may sometimes incur damage just like any other piece of yard equipment. The trimmer head will probably suffer the most damage because the head makes... More »
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1. Unplug the trimmer (for electric models) and turn the power switch off. 2. Grasp the tap button on the underside of the trimmer head. 3. Pull the tap button straight out from the
You can't remove it unless you want to basically cut it off. The spool is refilled while on the unit. It's a very poor design if you haven't figured this out yet. You can try &
try pulling the knob in the center straight back.
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Reloading the spool of a weed eater is not as tricky as it seems. First, you will need to remove the head of the weed eater by turning it to the left, or counterclockwise ...
1. Remove the cover from the trimmer head. In most cases, there is a large plastic bolt on the bottom of the weed eater head that you turn clockwise to remove. ...
1. Detach the sparkplug wire and lay the unit on a flat space. Remove the spool on the bottom of the power head by pulling on the tap button. Remove debris from ...
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