How to Remove Head from Weed Eater?


How to remove the head from a weed eater can vary greatly, depending on the model and make. Some can be removed by pressing down and turning, while others must have screws loosened to remove it.
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1. Place the Weed Eater trimmer on its side on a flat surface with the air filter cover pointing up. 2. Hold the dust cup nut with an adjustable wrench to keep the shaft from moving
If you want to remove the whole head, just unscrew it. It is right handed thread. If you want to remove the spool just pull on the spool hard and it will come out.
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1. Take your dry finger and rub it on the side of your nose a few times. 2. Dip your finger in your beer head and swirl it around until all the tiny bubbles pop. 3. Pour more beer.
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How to Remove a Head From a Weed Eater
Poulan manufactures the Weed Eater line of trimmers. Although your Weed Eater is a durable yard tool, it may sometimes incur damage just like any other piece of yard equipment. The trimmer head will probably suffer the most damage because the head makes... More »
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To keep your weed eater running right you may need to make an adjustment to the carburetor on occasion. To do this you will need a flat-head screwdriver. You'll ...
To replace a string weed wacker, first turn off the weed wacker. Then remove the trimmer head beneath the weed-trimmer. Remove the old trimmer line by either untying ...
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