How to Remove Heat Marks from Wood?


When you place something hot, like a mug of coffee, on top of a wood table, you see heat marks. The best way to remove the heat marks is to place a clean towel on top of the marks and steam-iron the towel.
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White marks or heat marks are caused by setting a warm or cold object on the surface of wooden furniture without covering the surface of the wood to protect it from the extreme heat
1. Rub the japanned ware well with. almond oil. Ad. 2. Continue to rub gently until the heat marks disappear. This may take a few tries. 3. Polish the japanned ware. Use dry flour
If the top is plastic, Formica get a very fine piece of sand paper and lightly sand the spot then wax and buff.
1. Open windows and doors to the room the table is in, if possible, or move the table outdoors to clean it. Sunlight and fresh air will aid in this process. 2. Mix 1 part bleach to
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How to Remove Heat Marks From Wood
Heat marks form on wood surfaces when you place something hot directly onto the wood. The heat causes the fibers in the wood to swell and water becomes trapped in the tiny gaps, discoloring the wood's surface. You should remove the heat mark as soon as... More »
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