How do you remove iron-on letters?


Turn the shirt inside out. Dip a cotton swab into some rubbing alcohol and apply it to the fabric where the letter is attached. Make sure it is saturated. Wait about 10 seconds and start peeling the letter up. Repeat as you go along if needed.
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1. Dip a cotton swab or the edge of a cloth in rubbing alcohol. Rub it on the back of the shirt, right behind the iron-on letter. Wait about 10 seconds and then try to peel the letter
If you learn how to remove rust from cast iron that has been abused or neglected, you can salvage a perfectly useable piece of cookware. If you've got new cast-iron cookware, there
1. Purchase Iron Stain Solvent. Ad. 2. Use handheld pump sprayer & spray stained areas. 3. Wait 5-10 minutes and apply 2nd application. 4. Apply another application to stains
Turn the shirt inside out, place a damp cloth over where the letters are and iron it. the heat from the other side loosens the glue. Use a butter knife to scrape off the letters.
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How to Remove Iron-on Letters
One of the hazards of making your own shirts with transfers is dealing with the occasional misplaced letter or number. The amount of work necessary to remove the transfer depends on the shirt and the transfer material, as well as what you intend to do... More »
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There are a few ways to remove iron on letters. But you may have to repeat the process in order to remove every trace. The solvent method using goo remover works pretty well. Also applying a little rubbing alcohol, waiting a few minutes then peeling off is also a good technique.
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To remove iron on letters from a fabric, dip a cotton pad in alcohol and rub it on the back of the shirt, right behind the iron-on letter. After about 10 seconds ...
To remove iron on transfers from clothing you will need a piece of paper and an iron. Place the part of the the clothing with the iron on transfer face down on ...
The stuff that gathers on the bottom of an iron is easy to remove. Purchase some paraffin wax from a craft store. Heat the iron and apply the bar of wax to the ...
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