How to Remove Iron on Transfers from Clothing?


To remove iron on transfers from clothing you will need a piece of paper and an iron. Place the part of the the clothing with the iron on transfer face down on a piece of paper. Iron the clothing on the back of the transfer. Continue moving the iron back and forth. As it heats up the transfer will come off and end up on the paper.
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1. Lay a blank piece of paper on an ironing board. The paper should be large enough to cover the iron-on transfer. 2. Lay the piece of clothing on the paper. The iron-on transfer
You can't; it melts into the fabric.
what makes a new steam iron leak black tar like substance and how to solvw said problem.
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How to Remove an Iron-on Transfer From Clothes
Perhaps you have a T-shirt or sweatshirt that has an iron-on number on it. Suppose that number has changed and you now need to change that number. You can remove an iron-on transfer from clothes using the paper, peel-off or direct method.... More »
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