How do you remove a JB weld?


The only way to remove JB Weld is to file it off or grinding it, especially if the weld is fully cured. Another option to removing JB Weld is to heat the weld to a temperature over 600 degrees.
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1. Locate the area where you want to remove the J-B Weld. Remove any small amounts of the compound from the surface using a metal file. 2. Put on hearing protection, eye protection
You don't. Well not easily anyway it can be heated to over 600 degrees C It can be grinded off sanded off or exposed to -67 Degrees C or lower . It is a metal substitute it is not
Good luck with that, its called JB "WELD" for a reason, you might be able to chip it off. But not so sure
Be careful not to get JB Weld on your hands or other body parts, as it will bond
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Once it has cured there are three ways to remove J-B Weld. You can file it off, grind it off, or heat it above the recommended temperature. If you heat it above 600°, it will melt and you can remove it.
The best way that I know of to remove JB Weld from a surface is to a soldering gun with a chisel attachment. This will heat the JB Weld up enough that you will be able to remove it from the surface.
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