How to Remove Kiss Marks from the Neck?


Kiss marks on the neck are also known as hickeys. Unfortunately, once it is already there it is hard to remove. You can place an ice pack over the marks immediately after the occur to help reduce the redness and bruising.
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Things You'll Need. Broom. Commercial concrete degreaser. Plastic bucket. Paint stir stick. Nylon scrub brush. Garden hose. Paper towels. 1 tbsp. liquid dish detergent. Clean spray
Remove the lips before they make the mark. Meanwhile - wear makeup, turtlenecks, or put a band aid on it.
1. Wash your car using a mild detergent or soap. Thoroughly spray it off and allow it to dry completely. 2. Spray a few mists of clay lubricant on the marked area. Wipe the mark a
1. Before you panic, try the vacuum. Concentrate your carpet sweeper's brush over the affected area for a few minutes until you start to see results. Repeat the process every day
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