How do I remove laminate floor glue?


There are various methods for removing laminate floor glue. Check your glue packaging for any specific removal instructions. If there are none, visit your local supermarket and look for special cleaners that will remove glue.
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1. Apply the solution (nail polish remover, lighter fluid, mineral spirits or paint thinner) Dampen a soft cloth with your chosen solution. Lay the cloth down and let the glue soften
1. Get some acetone. You can either use nail polish remover, preferably clear and unscented, or buy pure acetone at a hardware store, where it typically comes in a 1-gallon can. Ad.
try a product called Goof Off.I think we purchased it at Lowes.
Lay down a thin layer of moisture barrier padding. Lay out a row of flooring connecting the ends together. Lay out a second row of flooring and set into the first row, pressing down
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How to Remove Glue From Laminate Flooring
Modern technology has given us glue that is super strong and bonds instantly. It sometimes bonds in places we'd rather it didn't, like our laminate flooring. Before you run out and hire a crew to replace your floor, take a few minutes and try removing... More »
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