How to Remove Links from a Fossil Watch?


To remove links from your watch, Pin Pushers, watch makers or tack hammer, bracelet and then holder watch makers screw driver.
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1. Remove your fossil watch and wipe the surface with a clean, dry cloth. This will remove loose debris that can scratch the face and surface. 2. Grip the band and turn the Fossil
From what I understand, Fossil will adjust their watches for free. You just need to find a location which sells the watches and they will take care of it there.
For removing or adding links firstly you will have to remove bracelet pins or screws. In case if there are screw on each side of bracelet - you have to use two screwdrivers simultaneously
1. Measure the watch band. Before you set about removing any watch links, it is necessary to measure your watch band so you know exactly how many links you will need to remove. To
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How to Remove Links From a Fossil Watch
Fossil watches are great to wear, but these watches can seem difficult to adjust in cases of weight loss or gain. However, it is quite easy to fix a Fossil wristband.... More »
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The best way to remove links from a fossil watch is to take it to a jeweler or watch store. I actually used to do this for a job,(add and remove links from watches). If you don't want your watch scratched up the best what to do it is take it to someone with the proper tools.
To remove links from a Fossil watch, you will need a pin removal tool. Use this tool to take the pin out from between the links in the band of the watch.
In order to remove links from a fossil watch you will need a miniature hammer, a small pin, a pair of pliers and a fossil watch. Begin by taking the pin and push it into the side of the link.
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The best way to remove the pins in a Fossil watch is to use a pin removing tool. This tool clamps onto the band of the watch, and has a screwing punch pin. Line ...
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