How to Remove Linoleum Flooring from Concrete?


You can remove linoleum flooring easily when it's on concrete. Whether you have linoleum tiles or linoleum sheets doesn't matter. Just cut the floor into strips and use either a heat gun or a steamer to warm help you pull the floor off. Then, just scrape off the old adhesive underneath.
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1. Remove any floor wall trim or quarter-round to expose the edges of the linoleum at the bases of the walls.Use a pry bar or a hammer with claw or a hammer and small chisel to pry
1. Shave any debris off the bathroom subfloor with a floor scraper. Use care to avoid striking the toilet's base with the floor scraper's blade. 2. Clean the dust and debris from
1. Remove the linoleum to expose the subfloor. Cut the linoleum in strips with a utility knife and pull it up with your hands. Scrape away any remaining linoleum or adhesive with
1. Sweep dirt and dust from the concrete floor with a stiff-bristle broom. 2. Heat water in a large stock pot to almost boiling. Pour the water slowly over the adhesive on the concrete
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How to Remove Linoleum Floor From Concrete
Removing linoleum from floors is not an easy project and you will need to have some aspirin on hand when you're done. It isn't so much the linoleum that gives you the trouble but the adhesive used to glue it down. You will probably need more than one day... More »
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