How to Remove Linoleum Flooring from Concrete?


You can remove linoleum flooring easily when it's on concrete. Whether you have linoleum tiles or linoleum sheets doesn't matter. Just cut the floor into strips and use either a heat gun or a steamer to warm help you pull the floor off. Then, just scrape off the old adhesive underneath.
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1. Take your razor knife and score the linoleum into 2 feet by 6 feet long sections. Get your floor scraper under the beginning of one section and push. You will know right away if
Buy a scraper blade and an industrial adhesive remover from a hardware store or home improvement center. This chemical solvent effectively dissolves glues and strong adhesives from
1. Pour a bit of adhesive remover on top of the contact paper. Spread the remover around the edges of the contact paper and all over the back with the sponge. 2. Wait five minutes
1. Create a paste using two parts lemon juice to one part baking soda. Mix the two ingredients together in a large bowl. It will fizz up, so use a bowl with tall sides. Make enough
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How to Remove Linoleum Floor From Concrete
Removing linoleum from floors is not an easy project and you will need to have some aspirin on hand when you're done. It isn't so much the linoleum that gives you the trouble but the adhesive used to glue it down. You will probably need more than one day... More »
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