How do you remove nail polish from skin?


Run your skin with the nail polish under cold water, not hot water, and use a soft cloth to gently rub away at the unwanted polish. It should disappear with relative ease.
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1. Soak affected skin in soapy water to loosen dried nail polish. 2. Gently rub skin with fingers to remove any polish that you can while underwater. Use the exfoliating mitt or washcloth
1. Use a Q-tip and apply nail polish remover to the tip of it. Don't use too much or it will be a sticky mess. 2. Roll Q-tip over the area with nail polish on it. Don't press down
You can get pure acetone from almost any hardware store, but it can be very strong and even dangerous. Lemon juice and baking soda may work also.
Use nail polish remover. Dip cotton ball into the remover and rub on skin till the polish comes off. Rinse hands thoroughly.
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How to Remove Nail Polish From Skin
In the course of painting your nails you may get nail polish on your skin. You may do this by applying too much polish to the nail, making excess polish flow onto the skin, or because a wet nail brushed against skin on your body. Use the correct... More »
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To remove nail polish from the skin dip a cotton ball into nail polish remover. Use the cotton ball to wipe off the nail polish from the skin. Wash your hands ...
The main ingredient in liquid nail polish remover is acetone. Some removers also contain oils to soften and protect skin and cuticles. Others contain vitamins ...
Most people will huff (inhale) nail polish remover (or really, any type of inhalant) by dousing a cotton ball with the solution and placing the cotton ball into ...
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