How do you remove a name from a deed?


In order to remove a person's name from a deed, you have to fill out a quitclaim deed form. Fill out this form without the person's name on it and have the form notarized. Then file the form down at the county clerk's office.
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1. Meet with your lawyer. Request that she prepare a quitclaim deed. You'll need to provide the address of the property as well as the name of the person you're granting the property
Contact a real estate attorney and have them file a "quit claim deed" Clarification. You remove yourself from ownership in the property by executing a deed that conveys
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To remove a name from a deed, the person whose name is being removed must sign a quitclaim deed and file it with the county recorder's office. If their name is also on the mortgage, you will likely have to refinance in order to remove the name. You can find out more information here:
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The three ways in which you can get a name removed from the title deed include: Request the other party to remove your name, or to have his/her name removed. Secondly ...
A survivorship deed is a legal document that conveys a real estate title into the names of two or more joint tenants.

Upon the death of one ...
A solicitor will be needed if title deeds are being changed, and there will be a fee to alter the entries on the register. The procedures and ease of a name change ...
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