How to Remove Odor from Clothing?


The best way to remove odor from clothing is to give it a good washing and dry thoroughly. There are additives you can buy in the detergent section of your store that will also help to eliminate odors. You can also use dryer sheets to help with these odors.
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To remove body odor from clothing all you need to do is wash it in the washer with laundry soap. For white clothes, you may want to add Clorox.
1. This is actually a very simply process that will surprise you. I was certainly enlightened. Gather your items to be washed and place them in either the washer, tub or basin. Pour
1 Wash your clothes in a bucket of cold water, using your normal washing powder. Ad
The odors may not be coming from your dryer itself, but perhaps the vent which leads the moist air out of your dryer generally to the outside! Here's a few hints I discovered on the
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To remove odors from clothing, you usually wash them in the washing machine with laundry detergent. If that doesn't work with the smell, then try soaking it in ...
How to remove body odor from clothing is quite easy. The simplest, and cheapest, way to remove body odor is to allow the washer to fill with warm water before ...
Fabric softener sheets are a great way to remove odor from a dryer and give it a fresh scent. Unlike liquid fabric softeners, sheets are used in the dryer and ...
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