How to Remove Paint from Brass?


You can remove paint from brass without using harsh chemicals which can harm the brass. Place the item in a container large enough to hold it and cover it with vinegar. Let it soak in the vinegar for 24 hours. Use a soft brush to brush away the paint, then rinse and dry well.
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1. Pour paint thinner into the metal bucket. You ideally want enough paint thinner that the brass object is submerged when you place it in the bucket. If you are removing paint from
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1. Clean the surface carefully to remove all traces of grease, dirt, moisture or other substances. 2. Decide what method you will use to remove the paint: scraping or by applying
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How to Remove Paint From Brass
Brass is the general term for alloys containing zinc and copper. When you hear the term brass, the reference is not always to solid brass, but brass-plated metal as well. A lot of antique hardware is made of solid brass or brass-plated metal. Regardless... More »
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